Healthcare Information for Expats in Belize and Ambergris Caye

Healthcare Information for Expats in Belize and Ambergris Caye

Belize and the breathtaking island of Ambergris Caye in Belize, features the kind of lifestyle that most only dream of having the opportunity of living. The area is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, warm, enjoyable climate throughout the year, a thriving expat community and low cost of living. Even the country’s government, bank systems and infrastructure are secure and stable. One thing most people don’t seem to know very much about are the healthcare options available in Belize and Ambergris Caye. The good news is that the area’s health care options are as impressive as the lifestyle that it offers.

Health Insurance in Belize
Health insurance isn’t required in Belize for visitors or residents. Having said that, it’s highly recommended that you have it for nothing else but peace of mind. Even so, a lot of long term residents and locals don’t feel like they need insurance because of Belize’s impressive and affordable healthcare system. Not only can you purchase affordable health insurance in Belize, Canadian or United States policies may also work here as well.

Belize’s Affordable High Quality, Healthcare
For the most part, prospective residents shouldn’t be worried about the healthcare options in Belize and Ambergris Caye. Most of the physicians have been trained overseas via English speaking medical schools so language won’t be a barrier either. In emergency situations, you can count on treatment at one of Belize’s private or public hospitals to be high quality, however, if medical evacuation is required, it can be arranged if preferred.

Belize’s Major Hospitals
Thanks to Belize’s well established, state of the art, well equipped hospitals, most expats trust them to handle their medical care. That said, if they require major surgery, since Belize is so close to the United States transportation is easy.

Ambergris Caye Clinics
On Ambergris Caye there are 24 hour clinics and internationally trained local doctors on call who can take care of non-emergency treatments which are fantastic benefits for expats. Even better, a visit to the doctor is typically as low as $20 a visit, and you won’t need to deal with the aggravation of waiting to be reimbursed by a health insurance provider.

If you’ve been concerned about the availability of high quality yet low cost healthcare with regards to moving to Ambergris Caye, Belize, you’ll be happy to know that they have an impressive healthcare system in place. Just another one of many reasons to relocate to this magnificent tropical paradise.

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